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Toy Biz was most popular for creating the seemingly limitless roster of Marvel Comic Book characters, though its Batman line of figures predates the Marvel assortments. Toy Biz was synonymous with these figures, though they did branch out with other lines like Hercules, Xena the Warrior Princess, and Pro Wrestling's WCW (1999-2001) and TNA (2005-2007) series.

In 2005 the line would no longer operate as Toy Biz, changing its operating name to Marvel Toys. Unfortunately for the company, in 2006 the company would lose the license to Marvel properties altogether. At that point, they tried to switch gears focusing on Legendary Comic Book Heroes, a line that focused on other properties outside of the Marvel and DC Universes. The Comic Book Heroes and TNA Impact Wrestling lines were not enough to keep the company afloat. By April 2008, the company's website was offline and no other products would make it to toy shelves.

Please note: Much of our information including descriptions and some pictures from the Toy Biz section related to comic book superhero figures was provided and sourced from We have reached out to the creator to try and help to have their old site up and running but we have not received any contact

Produced figures 1988 - 2007

1576 Toy Biz figures currently in the database.


Alpha Fight
Celebrity Deathmatch (Cancelled - Unreleased)
Fantastic Four
Ghost Rider
Hercules - The Legendary Journey
Incredible Hulk (1996-1997)
Incredible Hulk (2002 Film)
Iron Man
Legendary Heroes
Lord of The Rings
Marvel (1991-2000) Miscellaneous Series and Sets
Marvel Amazing Heroes (1997)
Marvel Avengers (1996-1997)
Marvel Hall of Fame (1996-1998)
Marvel Legends (2002)
Marvel Legends Box Sets
Marvel Super Heroes (1990-1994)
Marvel Universe (1996-1997)
Marvel Universe 10 Inch Series
NASCAR Superstars of Racing
Silver Surfer (1997-1998)
Spider-Man (Animated Spider Man) (1994-2001)
Spider-Man (Spider Man) Classics (2000)
Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man) (2006)
Spider-Man Movie Series (Spider Man) (2002)
The Bots Master Animated Series
TNA iMPACT Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
Venom (1996-1997)
Video Game Superstars (1997-2000)
World Championship Wrestling (WCW) (1999-2002)
World Championship Wrestling WCW
X-Men (1991-1994) The Uncanny X-Men Series
X-Men (1992-1995) X-Force
X-Men (1994-2001) Miscellaneous X-Men Assortments
X-Men (1996) Generation X
X-Men (1997) X-Men Vs Street Fighter
X-Men (2000) X-Men Movie Series
X-Men (2001) Evolutions
X-Men (2004-2006)


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