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Hasbro (1923-Present) is the manufacturer and distributor of GI Joe's, Transformers, Batman and DC related figures, and many more. Other than Mattel, no other company has manufactured more figures and toys. Hasbro purchased Kenner in the early 1990s, and for years kept the brands separated, however eventually the two merged, keeping the Hasbro name.

In this section of Figure Collections' action figure database, you can find near complete Hasbro checklists, lineups, pictures, and more for the following: Batman The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, New Adventures, Bucky O'Hare, Conan The Adventurer, Cops N Crooks, JLA, Jim Henson's Dinosaurs, GI Joe, Ghostbusters, Incredible Hulk, Indiana Jones, Infinite Legends, Marvel Legends (Build a Figure and Vintage Series), Mortal Kombat (1995), Nintendo Trophy, Planet of the Apes, Pokemon, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Power Rangers Lightning Collection, Stargate (1994), Street Fighter, Nightmare Before Christmas, Transformers, World Wrestling Federation (WWF), and X-Men Origins!

Produced figures 1923 - Present

4590 Hasbro figures currently in the database.


Angry Birds Go!
Angry Birds: Star Wars
Batman (1999) World of Batman
Batman (2000-2003) Animated Batman Series
Batman 9" Figures (2001-2002)
Batman Beyond
Batman: The New Batman Adventures
Bucky O Hare
Conan the Adventurer
Cops N Crooks (1988)
Cowboys of Moo Mesa
DC JLA Justice League America (1999)
DC Super Heroes (1999)
Dinosaurs (Jim Henson)
G I Joe A Real American Hero (1982-1994)
G I Joe Real American Hero Collection (1997-2001)
G I Joe Twenty-Fifth Anniversary (2007 - Present)
Ghostbusters (2020)
GI Joe (1964-1977) 12 Inch
GI Joe (1991-2005) Hall of Fame
GI Joe (1995) Extreme
GI Joe (1995) Sgt Savage
GI Joe (2002-2006) GIJoe vs. Cobra
GI Joe 12-inch
GI Joe 12-inch Classic Collection
GI Joe 12-inch Timeless Collection
GI Joe 30th Anniversary
GI Joe Classified Series
GI Joe Pursuit Of Cobra
GI Joe Retaliation
GI Joe Rise of Cobra
GI Joe Sigma Six (2005-present)
GI Joe Valor Vs Venom
Incredible Hulk (2008 Film)
Indiana Jones
Marvel Gamerverse
Marvel Infinite Series 3.75-inch
Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends 3.75
Marvel Legends Build a Figure Series (2014-2021)
Marvel Legends Vintage Series (2016)
Marvel Superhero Squad
Mortal Kombat
Nintendo Trophy Figures Series (1988)
Planet of the Apes
Pokemon (1998-2001) (TOMY Style)
Pokemon Combat Series (2000-2002)
Pokemon THINKChip (2000-2001)
Power Rangers Lightning Collection (2019)
Spider-Man 3 (Film)
Spiderman Animated
Star Wars (1995-1996) The Power of the Force
Star Wars (1996) Shadows of the Empire
Star Wars (1997-1998) The Power of the Force
Star Wars (1998) Expanded Universe
Star Wars (1999-2000) The Phantom Menace
Star Wars (1999-2000) The Power of the Force
Star Wars (2000-2002) Power of the Jedi
Star Wars (2002-2003) Saga Phase 1
Star Wars (2002-2007) Unleashed
Star Wars (2003) Saga Phase 2
Star Wars (2003-2004) Saga Phase 3
Star Wars (2004) Clone Wars
Star Wars (2004-2005) Clone Wars: Animated Series
Star Wars (2004-2005) Original Trilogy Collection
Star Wars (2005) Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars (2006) The Saga Collection
Star Wars (2007-2008) 30th Anniversary
Star Wars (2008-2009) The Clone Wars
Star Wars (2008-2009) The Legacy Collection
Star Wars (2009-2010) The Clone Wars
Star Wars (2009-2010) The Legacy Collection
Star Wars (2010-2011) Shadow of the Dark Side
Star Wars (2010-2011) The Clone Wars
Star Wars (2012) The Phantom Menace 3D
Star Wars (2013) Attack of the Clones
Star Wars (2013) The Legacy Collection
Star Wars (2013-2014) Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars (2013-2017) The Black Series - 3.75"
Star Wars (2014-2015) Rebels
Star Wars (2015-2016) The Force Awakens
Star Wars (2015-2018) Titanium Series
Star Wars (2016-2017) Rogue One
Star Wars (2017-2018) The Last Jedi
Star Wars (2018) Solo
Star Wars (2019) Galaxy of Adventures
Star Wars (2019) Resistance
Star Wars 12 Inch Line
Star Wars Retro Collection
Star Wars The Black Series
Star Wars The Vintage Collection
Stargate (1994)
Street Fighter (1993-1994)
Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas
Transformer Prime Beast Hunters (2013)
Transformers (1996) Beast Wars
Transformers (2007)
Transformers Age of Extinction (2014)
Transformers Crossovers
Transformers Cybertron (2005)
Transformers Dark of the Moon (2011)
Transformers Prime (2012)
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen (2009)
Transformers The Last Knight (2017) (Movie)
World Wrestling Federation (WWF)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine


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