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Jakks Pacific was founded in 1995 by a former LJN founder. Jakks is headquartered in California and has been a leading force in action figures and entertainment, taking on challenging licenses such as WWE Wrestling, Rocky Balboa Movie Series, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, UFC, and World of Nintendo.

Jakks Pacific's first foray into making wrestling figures began with the Bone Crunching Action (BCA) line in 1996. The series had standard limited articulation but some joints in the legs and arms would make a crunching noise when posed. After nine primary series, the Bone Crunching Action style largely came to an end with the introduction of Titan Tron Live (TTL) in 1999. Titan Tron Live would be the standard line of figures released throughout wrestling's attitude era up until 2002.

Jakks attempted to switch things up at the start of 2002 with the R-3 Tech line, which capitalized on the real scale technology of the time. Now figures would not only have real scale head scans, but whole wrestler's bodies were scanned by computers for the most accurate action figures. So we were told. The line only lasted 5 main series (with 10 sub-series) before being scrapped with Ruthless Aggression.

Unlike today's Mattel WWE figures, where the focus is primarily on the Elite and Basic style figures, during the Ruthless Aggression era Jakks Pacific was trigger happy. They produced many different lines concurrently, including Flex-Ems, Off The Ropes, Classic Superstars, Deluxe Aggression, Havoc Unleashed, and others.

Produced figures 1995 - 2015

3599 Jakks Pacific - Wrestling figures currently in the database.


Bone Crunching Action (BCA)
Bone Crunching Action BCA (2001-2003) (Real Scan Era)
Classic Superstars
Classic Superstars Deluxe Aggression
Classic Superstars Exclusives
Classic Superstars Tag Teams
Classic Superstars Three Packs
Deluxe Aggression
Deluxe Build & Brawl
Fatal Four Way
Final Count and Finishing Moves
Grapple Gear and Ring Gear Accessory Sets
Havoc Unleashed
Legends (1997)
Maximum Aggression
Maximum Sweat
Micro Aggression
Mini Wrestling Figure Box Sets (1997-1999)
Misc. WWE Jakks Series
Off the Ropes
R-3 Tech
Ring Giants
Rings & Boxed Playsets
Road Champs (WWF Attitude Racing)
Ruthless Aggression
Ruthless Aggression: Adrenaline
Ruthless Aggression: Box Set
Ruthless Aggression: Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW)
Ruthless Aggression: Internet Exclusives
Ruthless Aggression: Misc Series
Ruthless Aggression: Pay-Per View (PPV)
Ruthless Aggression: Treacherous Trios
Ruthless Aggression: Wrestlemania
Store Exclusives
Titan Tron Live (TTL)
Titan Tron Live: Backlash
TNA Impact Wrestling
Unmatched Fury
Vinyl Aggression
WWE (2016-Present)
WWE Unlimited


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